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In 1993, four couples purchased a 200 hectare farm with the aim of establishing a vineyard capable of producing high quality grapes. Each person brings skills and ideas to the partnership, and participates in some way in the day-to-day running of the business (which now extends to wine production). Two couples reside on Kangaroo Island. The owners were: Graham and Jude Allison, Alan and Ann Byers, Wayne and Margaret Conaghty, Robin and Heather Moody.

Chief winemaker Rob Moody brought his 40 years winemaking experience into our wine. He was employed at Penfold’s by Max Schubert, the ‘father’ of Penfolds Grange, when Penfolds was still a family owned company and continued working on iconic South Australian wines at Penfolds and Wynns until 2001. Our philosophy is to have super premium red wines of exceptional distinction with grapes grown in its region.We have a very strong belief that low yields produce the best wines. We are very careful to slow the growth of the vine between flowering/fruit set and veraison. This produces desirably small berries with very high skin area to juice ratio. After the devistating bush fire in 2009, we exopended our vinyard to renowned mainland wine region McLaren Vale, where we make our wines now.

About Us

Headquartered in Melbourne - one of the most liveable city in the world, Riversdale Fine Wines(RFW) is an omni-channel fine wine expert specialising on premium wine brands from wine regions throughout Australia, including well-known and hidden treasure regions. Our offices in Melbourne, Adelaide, Shanghai and Guangzhou, give us first hand and latest market intelligence on the ground, directly from suppliers and consumers and also enable us to provide top quality trading and integrated logistics service.

At RFW, we have made promoting premium Australian wine our mission since inception. We strive to provide the most comprehensive and brand orientated marketing and education strategy for brands both small and large, covering online and offline channels. Our RFW Club has been providing educational experience and tailored service to consumers through events in various formats. We have been Wine Australia trade specialist for multiple years and were among the first to provide Wine Australia Education programs, Barossa Wine school courses and Rutherglen fortified Master Classes to consumers in Australia and China.

We have built a close relationship with government, our university partners, top influencers and KOLs in the industry to promote premium Australian wines. In 2017, Riversdale Fine Wine was awarded as the Best Wine Importer of the Year by RVF China and Best Boutique Importer by Wine100 in the following year and 2019.

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